Avulsed – Definition & Meaning

The word “avulsed” is not a commonly used term in everyday language. However, it is a term that is used in medical and dental fields. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of the word “avulsed”, its origin, and its associations.


The word “avulsed” is an adjective that describes something that has been forcibly torn away or removed. In medical terminology, it is used to describe a condition where a tooth or other body part has been completely dislodged from its socket.


The word “avulsed” is derived from the Latin word “avulsus”, which means “to tear away”. The word has been in use since the mid-17th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The word “avulsed” is not commonly found in most dictionaries. However, some medical dictionaries define it as the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket due to trauma.


The term “avulsed” is most commonly associated with dental and medical emergencies. When a tooth is avulsed, it is considered a dental emergency, and immediate medical attention is required to save the tooth.


Some synonyms of “avulsed” include torn, ripped, separated, and dislodged.


Some antonyms of “avulsed” include attached, intact, and secured.

The same root words

Some words that share the same root as “avulsed” include avulsion, avulse, and avulsing.

Example Sentences

  1. The patient’s tooth was completely avulsed from its socket during the accident.
  2. The surgeon had to avulse the damaged tissue in order to repair the injury.
  3. The avulsion of the tree’s roots caused it to fall over during the storm.
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