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The term “authorized” is a common word that we come across in our daily lives. It refers to something that has been approved, endorsed, or given permission to perform a particular action. In this article, we will explore the various definitions, origins, and meanings of the word “authorized.”


The word “authorized” is an adjective that is used to describe something or someone who has been given official permission or approval to do something. It can also refer to something that is legally binding, such as an authorized signature on a document. Additionally, the term can be used to describe someone who has been given the power or authority to act on behalf of another person or organization.


The word “authorized” has its roots in the Latin word “auctorizare,” which means to give authority or power to someone. The term was first used in the English language in the 14th century and has since become a widely used word in legal, business, and everyday language.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of “authorized” remains consistent across various dictionaries. Merriam-Webster defines it as “endowed with authority: having or done with legal or official approval.” Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “officially sanctioned or recognized.” Collins English Dictionary defines it as “sanctioned by authority or law.”


The term “authorized” is often associated with power, control, and legitimacy. When something is authorized, it is considered to be legitimate and lawful. It is also associated with trust and responsibility, as those who are authorized to act on behalf of others are expected to do so with integrity and honesty.


There are several synonyms for the word “authorized,” including approved, endorsed, sanctioned, validated, certified, and licensed.


The antonyms of “authorized” include unauthorized, illegal, prohibited, unapproved, and unlawful.

The same root words

The word “authorize” is the verb form of “authorized,” and it means to give official permission or approval to someone or something. Other words that share the same root as “authorized” include “author,” “authority,” and “authoritative.”

Example Sentences

  1. Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the building.
  2. The bank requires an authorized signature on all checks.
  3. The government has authorized the use of military force.
  4. The company has authorized a budget increase for the project.
  5. The authorized dealer will provide a warranty for the product.
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