Auspicious – Definition & Meaning

Auspicious is a word that we often hear, but what does it really mean? The word auspicious is used to describe something that is believed to bring good fortune or success. It is often associated with positive events and is considered to be a good omen.


The word auspicious is defined as “conducive to success; favorable” by the Oxford English Dictionary. It can also be defined as “promising success; propitious; opportune” according to Merriam-Webster.


The word auspicious comes from the Latin word “auspex” which means “one who looks at birds”. In ancient Rome, an auspex was a person who studied the flight patterns of birds to predict the future. The word auspicious was later used to describe anything that was believed to be a good omen.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of auspicious is consistent across different dictionaries. It is universally understood to mean something that is believed to bring good fortune or success.


The word auspicious is often associated with positive events such as weddings, births, and business deals. It is also associated with the beginning of new ventures or projects.


Some synonyms of auspicious include favorable, propitious, promising, lucky, and fortunate.


Antonyms of auspicious include unfavorable, unpromising, unlucky, and unfortunate.

The same root words

The word auspicious shares the same root word as “auspex” which means “one who looks at birds”. Other words that share this root include inauspicious, which means not conducive to success, and auspicate, which means to predict the future.

Example Sentences

  • The weather on our wedding day was auspicious, with clear skies and a gentle breeze.
  • The company’s financial results for the quarter were auspicious, exceeding expectations.
  • The start of the new school year was auspicious, with a record number of students enrolling.
  • The team’s win in the championship game was an auspicious start to the season.
  • The auspicious timing of the product launch led to a successful debut in the market.
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