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The English language is vast and diverse, with many words that have different meanings and origins. One such word is “aught.” Although it is not a commonly used word in everyday conversation, it is still important to understand its definition and meaning. In this article, we will explore the various meanings of aught, its origins, and its associations.


Aught is a noun that means “anything at all” or “nothing.” It can also be used as an adverb to mean “in any way” or “to any degree.” In some contexts, it can also refer to the number zero.


The word aught has its roots in Old English, where it was spelled “āwiht.” The word “ā” meant “ever,” and “wiht” meant “thing.” Over time, the word evolved to become “aught,” which is still used today.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The Oxford English Dictionary defines aught as “anything whatever; any part or quantity.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “all, everything” or “zero.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “anything” or “nothing.”


Aught is often associated with the concept of nothingness or emptiness. It is also used in expressions such as “for aught I know,” meaning “as far as I know” or “to the best of my knowledge.”


Some synonyms for aught include nothing, zero, nil, and zip. These words all refer to the absence of something or the number zero.


Antonyms of aught include something, anything, and everything. These words all refer to the presence of something or a quantity greater than zero.

The same root words

The word aught shares its root words with other words in the English language, such as “ought,” which means “should” or “must,” and “naught,” which means “nothing” or “zero.”

Example Sentences

  1. “I don’t know aught about that topic.”
  2. “For aught I know, the store is closed today.”
  3. “The score was aught to zero in favor of the home team.”
  4. “I didn’t find aught in the fridge to eat for breakfast.”
  5. “He didn’t care aught for her opinion on the matter.”
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