Audile – Definition & Meaning

Audile is a term that is not commonly used in everyday language. However, it is still important to understand what it means and how it can be used. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of audile, its origin, and its usage in different contexts.


Audile is an adjective that describes something that is related to hearing or the sense of hearing. It can also be used to describe a person who has a strong ability to hear or who is particularly sensitive to sounds.


The word audile comes from the Latin word “audire,” which means “to hear.” It was first used in English in the 19th century and has since been used to describe anything related to hearing or the sense of hearing.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, audile is defined as “of or relating to the sense of hearing.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines audile as “relating to or perceived by the sense of hearing.”


Audile is often associated with music and sound. It can also be associated with the ability to hear and perceive sounds that others may not be able to hear.


Some synonyms of audile include acoustic, auditory, and sonic.


Antonyms of audile include visual, tactile, and olfactory.

The same root words

Some words that share the same root as audile include audience, audio, and audition.

Example Sentences

  • The audile experience of listening to live music is unparalleled.
  • She had an audile memory and could remember every sound she had ever heard.
  • The audile feedback from the speakers was too loud and had to be turned down.
  • His audile abilities were so strong that he could hear the faintest of sounds.
  • The audile nature of the film made it difficult for those who were hard of hearing to understand.
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