At no – Definition & Meaning

“At no” is a commonly used phrase in the English language, and it is often used to indicate a negative response or to express a lack of permission. The phrase can be used in a variety of contexts, from formal to informal settings, and it is important to understand its meaning and usage in order to communicate effectively.


The phrase “at no” is typically used to indicate a negative response or to express a lack of permission. It can be used to indicate that something is not allowed or that there is no possibility of something happening. For example, if someone asks if they can borrow your car, you might respond by saying “at no time is anyone allowed to borrow my car.”


The origin of the phrase “at no” is unclear, but it has been in use in the English language for many years. It is likely that the phrase evolved from earlier expressions that had similar meanings.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of “at no” is generally consistent across different dictionaries. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “not at any time” or “not under any circumstances.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “under no circumstances” or “not at any time.”


The phrase “at no” is often associated with negative responses or with situations where something is not allowed. It can also be associated with formal language or with situations where it is important to be clear and precise in communication.


There are many synonyms for “at no,” including “never,” “under no circumstances,” “not at any time,” “not allowed,” “prohibited,” and “forbidden.”


The antonyms of “at no” include “yes,” “allowed,” “permitted,” “approved,” and “authorized.”

The same root words

The phrase “at no” does not have any root words, as it is a standalone phrase.

Example Sentences

  1. “At no time are visitors allowed to enter the building without an appointment.”
  2. “I will at no point compromise my principles for the sake of popularity.”
  3. “At no cost should you ever give out your personal information online.”
  4. “The company policy states that at no time should employees use company resources for personal gain.”
  5. “At no point did he apologize for his behavior, which only made the situation worse.”
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