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Asterial is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language. It is a term that is often seen in scientific or medical contexts. Despite its limited usage, understanding the definition and meaning of asterial can be helpful in comprehending certain texts and conversations. In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, associations, synonyms, and antonyms of asterial.


Asterial is an adjective that describes something that is star-shaped. It can also refer to something that is related to or resembling a star. In medical terminology, asterial can describe the appearance of blood vessels that have a star-like shape.


The word asterial is derived from the Latin word “aster,” which means star. The suffix “-ial” is used to form adjectives from nouns. Therefore, asterial means “of or pertaining to a star.”

Meaning in different dictionaries

The word asterial is not commonly found in most dictionaries. However, it can be found in some medical dictionaries, where it is defined as “star-shaped.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines asterial as “of or relating to the stars.”


Asterial is often associated with astronomy, as stars are a significant part of the study of the universe. It is also associated with the medical field, where it is used to describe the appearance of blood vessels.


The synonyms of asterial include star-shaped, stellate, and radiate.


The antonyms of asterial include non-star-shaped, irregular, and amorphous.

The same root words

The same root words as asterial include asterisk, asteroid, and astral.

Example Sentences

  1. The asterial pattern of the blood vessels in the patient’s eye was a sign of hypertension.
  2. The asterial design of the chandelier made it look like a starry night sky.
  3. The constellation was made up of several asterial shapes that formed a recognizable pattern.
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