Ass-kissing – Definition & Meaning

Ass-kissing is a term that is commonly used in informal settings to describe the act of flattering or excessively praising someone in order to gain favor or advantage. It is a practice that is often frowned upon and considered insincere or manipulative.


Ass-kissing can be defined as the act of excessively flattering or praising someone in order to gain favor or advantage. It can also refer to the act of ingratiating oneself with someone in order to gain their approval or support.


The origin of the term “ass-kissing” is unclear, but it is believed to have originated in the United States in the early 20th century. It is thought to have originated from the practice of kissing the backside of a superior in order to show subservience or respect.

Meaning in different dictionaries

Ass-kissing is not a term that is commonly found in formal dictionaries, but it is often included in slang dictionaries. The meaning of the term is generally consistent across different sources, with a focus on the act of flattery or ingratiating oneself with someone in order to gain favor.


Ass-kissing is often associated with insincerity, manipulation, and a lack of authenticity. It is seen as a negative behavior that can damage relationships and undermine trust.


There are a variety of synonyms for ass-kissing, including brown-nosing, sucking up, buttering up, and flattery.


The opposite of ass-kissing would be to be sincere, honest, and straightforward in one’s interactions with others. This would involve avoiding flattery and instead focusing on genuine compliments and feedback.

The same root words

The root words of ass-kissing are “ass” and “kiss.” “Ass” is a slang term for the buttocks, while “kiss” refers to the act of pressing one’s lips against someone or something. Together, these words create a term that refers to the act of showing subservience or respect by kissing someone’s backside.

Example Sentences

  1. “I can’t stand the way he’s always ass-kissing the boss.”
  2. “She’s just trying to butter up the teacher so she can get a better grade.”
  3. “He’s always sucking up to his girlfriend’s parents in the hopes of getting a promotion.”
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