Arrowing – Definition & Meaning

Arrowing is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language, but it is still important to understand its meaning and origin. In this article, we will explore the different definitions, origins, and associations of the word arrowing.


Arrowing is an uncommon word that can have several meanings. It can refer to the act of shooting an arrow, or it can describe a situation where something is moving quickly and directly towards a target. It can also describe a feeling of intense focus or concentration, as if one is aiming their attention like an arrow towards a specific goal.


The word arrowing comes from the noun arrow, which is a projectile weapon that has been used for hunting and warfare for thousands of years. The word arrow itself comes from the Old English word earh, which means “arrow.” The use of arrows as weapons dates back to prehistoric times, and they have been used by cultures all over the world.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of arrowing in different dictionaries is generally consistent with the definitions given above. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines arrowing as “to shoot an arrow,” while the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “to move rapidly and directly towards a target.” Other dictionaries, such as the Cambridge English Dictionary, also include the sense of intense focus or concentration.


The word arrowing is often associated with archery, as it is derived from the word arrow. It can also be associated with precision, accuracy, and focus, as shooting an arrow requires a great deal of skill and concentration. Additionally, the word arrowing can be associated with speed and directness, as an arrow travels quickly and directly towards its target.


Some synonyms of arrowing include aiming, focusing, directing, and targeting. These words all convey a sense of purposeful movement towards a specific goal or objective.


Antonyms of arrowing might include meandering, wandering, drifting, or aimlessness. These words describe a lack of direction or purpose, which is the opposite of the focused and directed movement implied by arrowing.

The same root words

The root word of arrowing is arrow, which comes from the Old English word earh. Other words derived from this root include archer, archery, and arrowhead.

Example Sentences

  • The archer spent hours arrowing at targets in the field.
  • The hawk swooped down, arrowing towards its prey with deadly accuracy.
  • She focused all her attention, arrowing her thoughts towards the task at hand.
  • The company’s new marketing campaign was arrowing towards a specific demographic.
  • The river flowed arrow-straight through the valley, arrowing towards the distant mountains.
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