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Arribada is a Spanish word that is used to describe a phenomenon that occurs when thousands of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on a beach. The word has gained popularity in recent years as conservationists and environmentalists work to protect sea turtle populations around the world.


Arribada is a Spanish word that means “arrival” or “landing.” In the context of sea turtles, it refers to the mass nesting of female turtles on a beach, where they lay their eggs in the sand.


The word arribada comes from the Spanish verb “arribar,” which means “to arrive.” It is commonly used in Central and South America, where sea turtles are known to nest in large numbers.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In Spanish, the word arribada is defined as “the act of arriving or landing in a certain place.” In English, it is often used to describe the mass nesting of sea turtles on a beach.


Arribada is most closely associated with sea turtles, as it is used to describe the phenomenon of mass nesting that occurs in some species. It is also associated with conservation efforts to protect sea turtle populations and their nesting habitats.


There are several synonyms for arribada, including “mass nesting,” “turtle emergence,” and “turtle arribada.”


There are no direct antonyms for arribada, as it is a specific term that describes a unique phenomenon.

The same root words

The root word of arribada is “arribar,” which means “to arrive” or “to land.” Other words that share this root include “arribo” (arrival) and “arribar” (to approach or reach).

Example Sentences

  • The arribada of sea turtles on this beach is a rare and beautiful sight.
  • We must protect the nesting habitats of sea turtles to ensure the success of future arribadas.
  • The conservation efforts of local groups have led to an increase in the number of arribadas in recent years.

Arribada is a Spanish word that describes the mass nesting of sea turtles on a beach. It is a unique and beautiful phenomenon that has gained attention from conservationists and environmentalists around the world. By protecting sea turtle populations and their nesting habitats, we can ensure the continued success of arribadas for generations to come.

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