Armour – Definition & Meaning

Armour is a term that is often used in different contexts, ranging from military to sports. It is a word that has different meanings and associations, depending on the context in which it is used. In this article, we will explore the various definitions and meanings of armour, its origin, associations, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of how it is used in sentences.


Armour is defined as a protective covering or clothing worn to protect the body from injury, especially in battle. It can also refer to a protective outer layer of a vehicle or machine. Additionally, armour can refer to a set of rules or measures taken to protect someone or something from harm or danger.


The origin of armour can be traced back to ancient times when warriors used animal hides and metal plates to protect themselves from attacks. Over time, armour evolved to become more sophisticated, with the introduction of chainmail, plate armour, and bulletproof vests.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of armour is consistent across different dictionaries. The Oxford English Dictionary defines armour as “a defensive covering for the body, especially for the head and torso, made of metal, leather, or other material, worn in battle or other dangerous situations.” Merriam-Webster defines armour as “protective covering; specifically, a suit of armor.”


Armour is often associated with protection, strength, and resilience. It is also associated with war, battle, and conflict. In modern times, armour is associated with sports, such as American football and ice hockey, where players wear protective gear to prevent injury.


Synonyms of armour include protection, shield, defense, safeguard, and barrier.


Antonyms of armour include vulnerability, weakness, exposure, and defenselessness.

The same root words

The word armour is derived from the Old French word armure, which means “arms, equipment, or armor.” The same root words of armour are found in other languages, such as Spanish (armadura) and Italian (armatura).

Example Sentences

Here are some examples of how the word armour can be used in sentences:

  • The knight donned his suit of armour before heading into battle.
  • The tank’s armour was able to withstand enemy fire.
  • The football player wore his protective armour to prevent injury.
  • The company implemented a series of measures as armour against cyber attacks.
  • The soldier’s armour protected him from the blast of the grenade.
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