Arme blanche – Definition & Meaning

Arme blanche is a French term that translates to “white weapon” in English. It refers to a type of weapon that is not a firearm, but rather an edged or pointed weapon such as a sword, knife, or bayonet.


The term arme blanche is often used to describe weapons that are primarily used for close combat. These weapons are typically made of metal and have a sharp or pointed edge that can be used to inflict harm on an opponent.


The term arme blanche has its origins in medieval Europe, where knights and other warriors would use swords and other bladed weapons in battle. Over time, the term came to encompass a wider range of weapons, including daggers, bayonets, and other types of edged weapons.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Oxford English Dictionary, arme blanche is defined as “a weapon of war, especially a sword or other bladed weapon used in hand-to-hand combat.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a weapon, such as a sword or bayonet, that has a blade or point and is not a firearm.”


Arme blanche is often associated with military or historical contexts, where it was commonly used in battle. It is also associated with the concept of chivalry, as knights and other warriors were expected to use these weapons in a honorable and fair manner.


Some synonyms for arme blanche include edged weapon, bladed weapon, and cold weapon.


The antonym of arme blanche is firearm, which refers to a type of weapon that uses gunpowder to fire a projectile.

The same root words

The term arme blanche comes from the French words arme, meaning weapon, and blanche, meaning white. The term is used to distinguish these weapons from firearms, which were often referred to as “black weapons” due to the smoke and soot they produced when fired.

Example Sentences

  1. The soldier drew his arme blanche and charged towards the enemy.
  2. The museum had a collection of medieval arme blanche on display.
  3. Knights in the Middle Ages were known for their skill with arme blanche.
  4. The use of arme blanche declined with the advent of firearms in the 16th century.
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