Arch dam – Definition & Meaning

A dam is a structure that is built across a river or a stream to control the flow of water. An arch dam is a type of dam that is constructed using an arch-shaped design. It is a curved structure that uses the weight of the water to support the dam. The arch dam is one of the most popular types of dams used in construction today.


An arch dam is a type of dam that uses an arch-shaped design to support the weight of the water. The arch dam is made of concrete, and it is curved in shape. The arch dam is designed to withstand the pressure of the water, and it is built to last for many years.


The arch dam was first used in the 19th century. The first arch dam was built in Switzerland in 1868. Since then, the arch dam has been used in many countries around the world.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an arch dam is “a dam that is curved in plan so that the water pressure is transferred to the abutments by arch action.”
The Oxford dictionary defines an arch dam as “a dam that is curved in shape, with the weight of the water pushing against the arch to support the structure.”


The arch dam is associated with hydroelectric power generation. Many arch dams are built to generate electricity by using the water pressure to turn turbines. The arch dam is also associated with water management and flood control.


Some synonyms of arch dam include curved dam, arched dam, and arcuate dam.


There are no antonyms for arch dam.

The same root words

The root word for arch dam is “arch,” which means curved or arched.

Example Sentences

  • The arch dam was built to generate electricity.
  • The arch dam is curved in shape to support the weight of the water.
  • The arch dam is a popular type of dam used in construction today.
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