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Appraisingly is a word that is not commonly used in everyday conversations, but it is still important to understand its meaning and usage. This article will provide a comprehensive definition of the term, its origin, and its associations. Additionally, we will explore the synonyms and antonyms of appraisingly, as well as provide examples of how to use it in a sentence.


Appraisingly is an adverb that means to evaluate or assess something carefully. It is the act of examining something with a critical eye, often with the intention of determining its value or worth. It is a term that is commonly used in the context of appraisals, evaluations, and assessments.


The word appraisingly comes from the root word “appraise,” which means to assess or evaluate the value of something. The word “appraise” has its origins in the Old French word “apreisier,” which means to set a price or value on something. The word “apreisier” is derived from the Latin word “pretiare,” which means to value or estimate.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, appraisingly means “in a manner of evaluating or assessing something.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “in a manner of appraising or evaluating something.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “in a way that involves carefully judging or examining something.”


Appraisingly is often associated with the act of evaluating or assessing something, such as a piece of artwork, a property, or a performance. It is also associated with the act of determining the value or worth of something, whether it be monetary or otherwise.


Some synonyms of appraisingly include critically, analytically, assessingly, evaluatively, and judgmentally.


Some antonyms of appraisingly include carelessly, thoughtlessly, negligently, and inattentively.

The same root words

Some words that share the same root as appraisingly include appraise, appraisal, appraiser, and appraisable.

Example Sentences

  • The art dealer looked at the painting appraisingly before making an offer.
  • The real estate agent appraised the property appraisingly to determine its market value.
  • The judge watched the defendant’s testimony appraisingly to determine the truthfulness of their statements.
  • The teacher graded the student’s essay appraisingly to provide constructive feedback.
  • The manager evaluated the employee’s performance appraisingly to determine their eligibility for a promotion.

In conclusion, appraisingly is a term that is used to describe the act of evaluating or assessing something carefully. It is a term that is commonly used in the context of appraisals, evaluations, and assessments. Understanding the meaning and usage of appraisingly can help us communicate more effectively and accurately in various settings.

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