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The word apopemptic is not commonly used in everyday language, but it is still an interesting term to explore. In this article, we will discuss the definition and meaning of apopemptic, its origin, and its associations. We will also look at synonyms and antonyms of the term, as well as some example sentences to help us understand its usage.


The term apopemptic is an adjective that describes something related to farewell or the act of bidding farewell. It can also refer to a formal or official farewell or dismissal. In short, apopemptic is a term used to describe a farewell or a goodbye.


The word apopemptic comes from the Greek word “apopempein,” which means to send away. The term has been used in English since the 17th century and was originally used in the context of ancient Greek and Roman history, where it referred to the formal farewell given to a departing ambassador or official.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, apopemptic means “of or relating to leave-taking or farewell.” The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “relating to the act of saying goodbye or dismissing someone.” The Oxford English dictionary defines it as “pertaining to a formal farewell.”


The term apopemptic is often associated with formal events such as graduation ceremonies, retirement parties, or official farewells. It is also used in the context of diplomatic or official events where dignitaries or officials are given a formal farewell.


Some synonyms of apopemptic include farewell, goodbye, send-off, adieu, parting, departure, and leave-taking.


The antonyms of apopemptic include welcome, greeting, reception, and arrival.

The same root words

The root word of apopemptic is “apopempein,” which means to send away in Greek. Other words derived from this root include apophasis, which means to deny or reject, and apoplexy, which refers to a sudden loss of consciousness or a stroke.

Example Sentences

  1. The apopemptic ceremony for the retiring CEO was a grand affair.
  2. The ambassador was given an apopemptic farewell after serving his term.
  3. The graduation ceremony ended with an apopemptic speech by the principal.
  4. The official was given an apopemptic send-off by his colleagues.

In conclusion, apopemptic is a term used to describe a farewell or goodbye. It has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman history and is still used today in formal events such as retirement parties or graduation ceremonies. It is important to understand the meaning of such terms, even if they are not commonly used in everyday language.

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