Antlered crab – Definition & Meaning

Antlered crab is a unique and fascinating creature that has captured the attention of marine biologists and animal enthusiasts alike. This crustacean is known for its distinctive antler-like appendages, which give it a striking appearance and make it stand out from other crabs.


The antlered crab is a type of crab that is characterized by its long, thin, and branching appendages, which resemble antlers. These appendages are used for a variety of purposes, including communication, defense, and hunting.


The antlered crab is native to the waters surrounding Japan, where it is commonly found in rocky and sandy areas. It is also found in other parts of the Pacific Ocean, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The antlered crab is not a commonly known creature, and therefore, it may not be found in all dictionaries. However, in some dictionaries, it is defined as a crab with antler-like appendages.


The antlered crab is associated with the ocean and marine life. It is also associated with Japan, where it is commonly found.


There are no known synonyms for antlered crab.


There are no known antonyms for antlered crab.

The same root words

There are no known root words for antlered crab.

Example Sentences

  • The antlered crab is a fascinating creature that is native to Japan.
  • The antler-like appendages of the antlered crab are used for a variety of purposes.
  • I was amazed when I saw an antlered crab for the first time.
  • The antlered crab is a unique and interesting addition to any marine aquarium.
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