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Terrorism has been a global issue for decades, causing fear and destruction in many countries. Governments around the world have implemented various measures to combat terrorism, one of which is antiterrorism. In this article, we will define and explore the meaning of antiterrorism, its origin, associations, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of its usage.


Antiterrorism refers to the actions or measures taken to prevent or counteract terrorist activities. It involves the use of various strategies, including intelligence gathering, law enforcement, military operations, and diplomatic efforts, to prevent terrorist attacks and protect citizens from harm.


The term antiterrorism originated in the 1970s during a wave of terrorist attacks around the world. The United States government established the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act in 1996 in response to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, antiterrorism is defined as “measures designed to prevent or counteract terrorism.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the prevention of, or protection against, terrorist attacks.”


Antiterrorism is often associated with national security and law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and Department of Homeland Security. It is also associated with military operations, particularly in regions where terrorist groups are active.


Some synonyms of antiterrorism include counterterrorism, terrorism prevention, and terrorism suppression.


There are no direct antonyms of antiterrorism, but some may argue that the opposite of antiterrorism is terrorism itself.

The same root words

The root words of antiterrorism are anti-, meaning against, and terrorism, which refers to the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Example Sentences

  • The government has implemented strict antiterrorism measures to protect the country from potential attacks.
  • The military conducted an antiterrorism operation in the region to eliminate the threat posed by the terrorist group.
  • The police department has a specialized antiterrorism unit that responds to potential threats and investigates terrorist activities.

In conclusion, antiterrorism refers to the measures taken to prevent or counteract terrorist activities. It is a crucial aspect of national security and involves various strategies to protect citizens from harm. While it may not completely eradicate terrorism, antiterrorism efforts play a vital role in mitigating the damage caused by terrorist attacks.

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