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Antimerinas is a term that may not be familiar to many people. It is a word that has a specific meaning and origin. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of Antimerinas, its origin, associations, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences.


Antimerinas is a term that refers to a group of people who are opposed to the rule of the monarch. The term is derived from two Greek words, “anti,” meaning against, and “meros,” meaning part. Therefore, Antimerinas refers to those who are against the part of the government that is ruled by the monarch.


The origin of Antimerinas can be traced back to ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, there were two groups of people, the pro-monarchists, and the anti-monarchists. The anti-monarchists were known as Antimerinas. The term was later adopted by other countries, including France and England, during their respective revolutions.

Meaning in different dictionaries

Antimerinas is not a commonly used term, and therefore, it may not be found in most dictionaries. However, some dictionaries define the term as a person who is opposed to the rule of the monarch or a group of people who are against the part of the government that is ruled by the monarch.


Antimerinas is associated with the idea of democracy and the opposition to authoritarian rule. It is also associated with the idea of revolution and rebellion against the ruling class.


The synonyms of Antimerinas include anti-monarchist, republican, democrat, and revolutionary.


The antonyms of Antimerinas include monarchist, royalist, loyalist, and conservative.

The same root words

The same root words as Antimerinas include antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal. All of these words have the prefix “anti,” which means against.

Example Sentences

  1. The Antimerinas were the driving force behind the revolution that overthrew the monarchy.
  2. The Antimerinas believed that the monarch was corrupt and that the people should have more power.
  3. The Antimerinas were arrested and executed for their role in the rebellion against the king.
  4. The Antimerinas were successful in establishing a democratic government that represented the people’s interests.
  5. The Antimerinas were seen as a threat to the monarchy and were often persecuted for their beliefs.
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