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An anthology is a collection of literary works or artistic pieces that share a common theme, genre, or style. Anthologies can be composed of poetry, short stories, essays, or any other form of written or visual art. They are often used as educational tools, as they provide a diverse range of works for students to study and analyze.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an anthology is “a collection of selected literary pieces or passages, esp. of poetry, taken from various sources and arranged in a particular order.”
Merriam-Webster defines an anthology as “a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music.”


The word “anthology” comes from the Greek word “anthologia,” which means “a collection of flowers.” In ancient Greece, poets would often compile their own anthologies of their favorite works, which they would give to friends and fellow poets as gifts.
The first recorded use of the word “anthology” in English dates back to the 17th century, when it was used to describe a collection of poems by various authors.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In addition to the definitions provided by the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster, other dictionaries also offer their own interpretations of the word “anthology.” Here are a few examples:

  • The Cambridge Dictionary defines an anthology as “a collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject, often those considered to be the best.”
  • The Collins English Dictionary defines an anthology as “a collection of writings, songs, or other creative works by various authors, usually on a similar theme or subject.”


Anthologies are often associated with literature and the arts. They can be used to showcase the works of a particular author or group of authors, or to explore a particular genre or theme. Anthologies can also be used to highlight the diversity of a particular culture or time period.


Some synonyms for anthology include:

  • Collection.
  • Compilation.
  • Omnibus.
  • Reader.
  • Treasury.


Some antonyms for anthology include:

  • Individual work.
  • Original composition.
  • Solo piece.

The same root words

The word “anthology” shares its root with several other words, including:

  • Anthology (Greek, “anthologia”).
  • Anthophyte (Greek, “anthos” + “phyton,” meaning “flower” + “plant”).
  • Anthozoan (Greek, “anthos” + “zoion,” meaning “flower” + “animal”).

Example Sentences

Here are a few example sentences that use the word “anthology”:

  • The anthology of modern poetry we studied in class included works by several different poets.
  • The museum’s new exhibition is an anthology of contemporary art from around the world.
  • I received an anthology of short stories as a gift, and I’ve been enjoying reading through it.
  • The publisher is releasing a new anthology of science fiction stories next month.
  • The anthology of Shakespeare’s sonnets is considered a classic of English literature.
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