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Ante meridiem is a Latin term that is commonly abbreviated as “a.m.” It is used to refer to the time before noon in the 12-hour clock system. The term is widely used in different parts of the world, and it is important to understand its meaning and origin.


Ante meridiem is a Latin term that means “before noon.” It is commonly abbreviated as “a.m.” and is used to refer to the time before 12:00 pm. In the 12-hour clock system, the time after 12:00 pm is referred to as “post meridiem” or “p.m.”


The term ante meridiem has its roots in Latin, where “ante” means “before,” and “meridiem” means “midday.” The term was first used in the Roman Empire, where time was measured using sundials. The Romans divided the day into 12 hours, starting at sunrise and ending at sunset. The time between sunrise and midday was referred to as ante meridiem.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of ante meridiem is consistent across different dictionaries. It is defined as the time before noon, or 12:00 pm. The term is commonly used in the 12-hour clock system, and it is abbreviated as “a.m.”


Ante meridiem is associated with the morning hours before noon. It is a time when people are typically awake and active, getting ready for work, school, or other activities. The term is also associated with punctuality and timeliness, as people often use it to indicate the time of an event or appointment.


There are several synonyms for ante meridiem, including “morning,” “early morning,” “forenoon,” and “AM.” These terms are used interchangeably to refer to the time before noon.


The antonym of ante meridiem is “post meridiem” or “p.m.” This term is used to refer to the time after noon, or 12:00 pm.

The same root words

The root words of ante meridiem are “ante” and “meridiem.” “Ante” means “before,” while “meridiem” means “midday.” These words are also used in other phrases and terms, such as “ante bellum,” which means “before the war,” and “post meridiem,” which means “afternoon.”

Example Sentences

  1. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.
  2. I wake up at 6:00 a.m. every morning.
  3. The store opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m.

Ante meridiem is a Latin term that is widely used to refer to the time before noon. It is an important term in the 12-hour clock system and is commonly abbreviated as “a.m.” Understanding the meaning and origin of this term is essential for effective communication and time management.

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