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Anorectic is a term that is often used in the medical field to describe a person who has an eating disorder characterized by an extreme fear of gaining weight. The term anorectic is derived from the Greek word “anorektos,” which means “without appetite.” In this article, we will explore the meaning and definition of anorectic, its origin, and how it is used in different dictionaries.


Anorectic is defined as a substance or medication that suppresses appetite, or a person who has anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that is characterized by a distorted body image and an intense fear of gaining weight. Anorexia nervosa is a serious mental health condition that can lead to severe physical and emotional problems, including malnutrition, organ failure, and depression.


The term anorectic is derived from the Greek word “anorektos,” which means “without appetite.” The word anorexia comes from the Greek words “an” meaning “without” and “orexis” meaning “appetite.” The term anorexia nervosa was first used in the late 19th century to describe a condition in which patients refused to eat due to a psychological aversion to food.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, anorectic is defined as a drug or substance that suppresses appetite. In the Oxford English Dictionary, anorectic is defined as a person who has anorexia nervosa or a substance that reduces appetite. The Cambridge Dictionary defines anorectic as a drug or substance that reduces appetite or a person who has anorexia nervosa.


Anorectic is often associated with eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa. It is also associated with medications or substances that suppress appetite, such as amphetamines or diet pills.


Some synonyms of anorectic include appetite suppressant, anorexic, and anorexia nervosa.


Antonyms of anorectic include appetite stimulant and overeating.

The same root words

The same root words as anorectic include anorexia, which means “loss of appetite,” and orexis, which means “appetite.”

Example Sentences

  • The doctor prescribed an anorectic to help the patient lose weight.
  • She was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and required intensive treatment.
  • The diet pill he was taking was an anorectic that suppressed his appetite.
  • The anorexic patient was hospitalized due to severe malnutrition.
  • The amphetamine he was taking as an anorectic caused him to experience insomnia and anxiety.
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