Angle of view – Definition & Meaning

Angle of view is a term used in photography and videography to describe the extent of a scene that a camera lens can capture. It is an essential concept for photographers and filmmakers to understand, as it affects the composition and perspective of the final image or video.


Angle of view is defined as the extent of a scene that a camera lens can capture. It is usually measured in degrees and is determined by the focal length of the lens. A wider angle of view means that more of the scene will be captured in the image, while a narrower angle of view means that less of the scene will be visible.


The concept of angle of view has been around since the early days of photography. The first cameras had fixed lenses with a limited field of view, but as technology advanced, lenses with wider angles of view became available. Today, photographers and videographers have access to a wide range of lenses with different focal lengths and angles of view.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, angle of view is “the angle subtended at the eye by the diagonal of the image produced by a lens or other optical instrument.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “the angle formed by two straight lines extending from the eye to opposite ends of an object or scene.”


Angle of view is closely associated with the concept of perspective in photography and videography. A wider angle of view can create a sense of depth and immersion in the scene, while a narrower angle of view can create a more intimate or focused composition.


Synonyms for angle of view include field of view, focal length, and perspective.


Antonyms for angle of view include narrow perspective, limited field of view, and telephoto lens.

The same root words

The root words for angle of view are “angle” and “view.” Angle refers to the measurement of the space between two intersecting lines, while view refers to the act of seeing or the sight that one sees.

Example Sentences

  1. “I used a wide-angle lens to capture the entire landscape in my photo.”
  2. “The narrow angle of view in this shot creates a sense of intimacy with the subject.”
  3. “The telephoto lens provides a narrower angle of view, making it ideal for capturing distant subjects.”
  4. “By adjusting the angle of view, I was able to create a unique perspective on the scene.”
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