Anecdotalist – Definition & Meaning

Anecdotalist is a word that is not commonly used in everyday conversation, but it is still an important term that has its place in the English language. This word has a specific meaning that is worth exploring, as it can help us to better understand the way that stories are told and passed down from one generation to the next.


Anecdotalist is a noun that refers to someone who tells anecdotes, or short stories that are often humorous or interesting. Anecdotes are usually based on real-life experiences, and they are often used to illustrate a point or to provide entertainment.


The word anecdotalist comes from the noun anecdote, which is derived from the French word anecdote, meaning “unpublished narrative.” The suffix -ist is added to the end of the word to indicate that the person is a practitioner or advocate of anecdotes.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to Merriam-Webster, an anecdotalist is “one who tells anecdotes.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines an anecdotalist as “a person who tells anecdotes, especially as a profession or occupation.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines the term as “someone who enjoys telling amusing stories about real-life experiences.”


Anecdotalists are often associated with humor, entertainment, and storytelling. They may be seen as skilled communicators who are able to engage their audience with interesting and engaging stories.


Some synonyms for anecdotalist include storyteller, raconteur, humorist, and wit.


Antonyms for anecdotalist might include introvert, recluse, or someone who is not interested in sharing stories or engaging in conversation.

The same root words

Words that share the same root as anecdotalist include anecdote, anecdotal, and anecdotage.

Example Sentences

  • The party was full of anecdotalists, each one trying to outdo the others with their stories.
  • As an anecdotalist, he was able to entertain his friends for hours with his humorous tales.
  • She was known for her skill as an anecdotalist, and was invited to speak at conferences and events all over the world.
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