Androgeny – Definition & Meaning

Androgeny is a term that has gained popularity in recent times, especially in discussions around gender identity and expression. The term refers to the existence of both male and female characteristics in an individual, making it difficult to assign a clear gender identity. In this article, we will explore the meaning, origin, and associations of androgeny.


Androgeny is a term that is used to describe the presence of both male and female characteristics in an individual. This can manifest in various ways, including physical appearance, behavior, and personality traits. Individuals who exhibit androgeny may not fit neatly into traditional gender categories, and may identify as non-binary or genderqueer.


The term androgeny comes from the Greek words “andro” meaning male, and “gyny” meaning female. It was first used in the medical field to describe individuals who had both male and female sex characteristics. Over time, the term has evolved to encompass a broader range of gender expressions.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of androgeny can vary slightly depending on the dictionary consulted. However, most definitions agree that it refers to the presence of both male and female characteristics in an individual. Some dictionaries also note that androgeny can refer to the existence of both male and female hormones in the body.


Androgeny is often associated with non-binary and genderqueer identities. Individuals who identify as androgynous may not feel comfortable identifying as strictly male or female, and may prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns such as “they” or “ze.”


Synonyms for androgeny include gender ambiguity, gender non-conformity, and genderqueer.


Antonyms for androgeny include traditional gender roles, binary gender, and gender conformity.

The same root words

The root words for androgeny, “andro” and “gyny,” are also used in other terms related to gender and sexuality. For example, “androgyny” refers to a blending of male and female characteristics, while “gynephilia” refers to sexual attraction to women.

Example Sentences

  • “Their androgeny made it difficult for others to assign a gender identity to them.”
  • “Many non-binary individuals embrace androgeny as a way to express their gender identity.”
  • “Androgeny challenges traditional gender norms and encourages us to think beyond the binary.”
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