Anarcestes – Definition & Meaning

Anarcestes is a word that may not be familiar to many people. It is not a commonly used word in everyday language, but it has an interesting history and meaning. In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, and associations of the word Anarcestes.


Anarcestes is a noun that refers to a person who is against rulers, authority, or government. It is derived from the Greek words an- (meaning “without”) and arkhon (meaning “ruler” or “leader”).


The word Anarcestes has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy. It was first used by the philosopher Diogenes Laertius in his book “Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers” to describe the Cynic philosopher Antisthenes. Antisthenes was a follower of Socrates and believed in living a simple life free from material possessions and societal norms.

Meaning in different dictionaries

Anarcestes is not a word that is commonly found in dictionaries. However, some online dictionaries define it as a person who opposes all forms of government and authority.


Anarcestes is often associated with anarchism, a political philosophy that advocates for the abolition of all forms of government and the establishment of a society based on voluntary cooperation and mutual aid. Anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, and anarcho-capitalism are some of the different schools of thought within anarchism.


Some synonyms for Anarcestes include anarchist, rebel, dissident, insurgent, and revolutionary.


Antonyms of Anarcestes include conformist, traditionalist, conservative, and authoritarian.

The same root words

Other words that have the same root words as Anarcestes include anarchism, anarchy, and anarchist.

Example Sentences

  • The Anarcestes advocated for the overthrow of the government and the establishment of a society based on voluntary cooperation.
  • Anarcestes believe that all forms of authority are oppressive and should be abolished.
  • The Anarcestes organized protests and demonstrations to voice their opposition to the government’s policies.
  • Anarcestes reject the idea of a centralized state and believe in the decentralization of power.
  • The Anarcestes were met with resistance from the authorities when they attempted to establish a commune based on anarchist principles.
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