Analecta – Definition & Meaning

Analecta is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language, but it can be found in certain fields such as literature, philosophy, and theology. In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, meaning, and associations of analecta, as well as its synonyms and antonyms.


Analecta is a noun that refers to a collection of literary or philosophical extracts or fragments. It can also mean a compilation of scholarly writings, especially those that are difficult to obtain or out of print.


The word analecta comes from the Latin word “analecta,” which means “a collection of selected writings.” The term was first used in the 17th century to describe a collection of literary or philosophical fragments.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, analecta means “a collection of literary or philosophical extracts.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “a collection of literary fragments” or “a compilation of scholarly writings.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines analecta as “a collection of writings, especially by different authors, that have been selected and put together.”


Analecta is often associated with the study of literature, philosophy, and theology, as it refers to the compilation of scholarly writings and literary fragments. It is also associated with the concept of curation, as it involves the careful selection and arrangement of texts.


Some synonyms of analecta include anthology, compilation, collection, selection, and treasury.


Antonyms of analecta include dispersion, scattering, and separation.

The same root words

Analecta shares the same root words as the word “analeptic,” which means “restorative” or “stimulating.” Both words come from the Greek word “analeptikos,” which means “restoring.”

Example Sentences

  1. The library’s analecta section contains rare and valuable texts that are not available elsewhere.
  2. The professor’s analecta of philosophical writings was widely regarded as a definitive work in the field.
  3. The anthology was a carefully curated analecta of the author’s best short stories.
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