Anabolize – Definition & Meaning

Anabolize is a term that is often used in the field of biology and medicine. It refers to the process of building up or synthesizing complex molecules from simpler ones, which is an essential part of growth and repair in living organisms. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of anabolize, as well as its origins, associations, synonyms, and antonyms.


Anabolize is a verb that means to build up or synthesize complex molecules from simpler ones. This process is also known as anabolism, and it is the opposite of catabolism, which is the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones.


The word anabolize comes from the Greek word “anabole,” which means “a throwing up.” The term was first used in the late 19th century by French physiologist Claude Bernard to describe the process of building up complex molecules in living organisms.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, anabolize means “to promote anabolism.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “to convert simple substances into more complex ones, especially in living organisms.”


Anabolize is often associated with the process of muscle building and weight gain, as it is an essential part of protein synthesis. It is also associated with the use of anabolic steroids, which are synthetic hormones that mimic the effects of testosterone and promote muscle growth.


Some synonyms of anabolize include build up, synthesize, create, produce, and construct.


The antonyms of anabolize include break down, degrade, decompose, and catabolize.

The same root words

Other words that share the same root as anabolize include anabolic, anabolism, anabolic steroid, and anabolite.

Example Sentences

  • The body uses anabolism to build new muscle tissue.
  • Athletes often use anabolic steroids to enhance their performance.
  • Catabolism and anabolism work together to maintain the body’s energy balance.
  • The anabolite was found to have a significant impact on muscle growth.
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