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Ampyx is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language, but it has some interesting meanings and associations. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of Ampyx, its origin, and its use in different contexts.


Ampyx is a noun that refers to a type of ancient Greek headdress, which was worn by women. It was a band or fillet that was worn around the head, usually made of gold or other precious materials, and decorated with jewels or other ornaments. The Ampyx was often worn by queens or princesses, and it was a symbol of their status and wealth.
In zoology, Ampyx is the name of a genus of marine animals that belong to the family of comb jellies. These creatures are transparent and have a gelatinous body, with rows of cilia that they use to swim.


The word Ampyx comes from the ancient Greek word “ampux,” which means “headband” or “fillet.” It was first used in the context of the headdress worn by women in ancient Greece, and later it was adopted as the name of a genus of marine animals.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Oxford English Dictionary, Ampyx is defined as “a fillet or band worn round the head, especially by women in ancient Greece.” In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is defined as “an ornamental band or fillet worn around the head in ancient Greece.”


The Ampyx headdress was a symbol of status and wealth in ancient Greece, and it was often worn by queens or princesses. It was also associated with the goddess Athena, who was often depicted wearing an Ampyx.
The Ampyx comb jelly is a marine animal that is found in the deep sea, and it is known for its transparent body and beautiful bioluminescence. It is often used as a model organism in scientific research, and it is studied for its unique properties and behavior.


Some synonyms for Ampyx include headdress, headband, fillet, tiara, and crown.


There are no direct antonyms for Ampyx, as it is a specific type of headdress or a genus of marine animals.

The same root words

The same root words as Ampyx include “ampelos” (vine) and “amphora” (a type of ancient Greek vase).

Example Sentences

  • The queen wore a golden Ampyx on her head as a symbol of her status and wealth.
  • The Ampyx comb jelly is a fascinating creature that is studied by marine biologists.
  • The museum has a collection of ancient Greek headdresses, including several examples of the Ampyx.
  • The Ampyx is a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry that was popular in ancient Greece.
  • The Ampyx comb jelly is one of the most unusual and interesting creatures in the deep sea.
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