Amphidiploidy – Definition & Meaning

Amphidiploidy is a term used in genetics to describe a condition where an organism has two sets of chromosomes from each parent, resulting in a total of four sets of chromosomes. This phenomenon is commonly found in plants and can lead to unique genetic traits and diversity.


Amphidiploidy is the condition of having two complete sets of chromosomes from each parent. It is a type of polyploidy, which refers to any condition where an organism has more than two sets of chromosomes. In amphidiploidy, the total number of chromosomes is typically double the normal diploid number.


Amphidiploidy can occur naturally through hybridization between two different species or artificially through breeding techniques. The resulting offspring will have double the normal number of chromosomes, which can lead to new traits and characteristics.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, amphidiploidy is “the condition of having two complete sets of chromosomes from each parent.” The Oxford dictionary defines it as “the state of having four sets of chromosomes, resulting from the fusion of two diploid cells.”


Amphidiploidy is often associated with increased genetic diversity and can lead to the development of new traits in plants. It can also be used in breeding programs to create new varieties with desirable characteristics.


Some synonyms of amphidiploidy include tetraploidy, polyploidy, and double-diploid.


The antonym of amphidiploidy is haploidy, which refers to the condition of having only one set of chromosomes.

The same root words

The root words of amphidiploidy are “amphi,” meaning both or double, and “diploid,” referring to the normal diploid number of chromosomes. Other words with the same root words include amphibian, amphitheater, and diploid.

Example Sentences

  • The new variety of wheat was created through amphidiploidy, resulting in increased yield and disease resistance.
  • The plant’s amphidiploidy made it more resilient to environmental stressors.
  • The genetic diversity resulting from amphidiploidy can help plants adapt to changing conditions.
  • The researchers used amphidiploidy to create a hybrid species with unique traits.
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