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Amorinos is a word that has been used in various contexts, from literature to music, and even in everyday conversations. But what does this word really mean? In this article, we will explore the different definitions, origins, and associations of amorinos.


Amorinos is a word that derives from the Latin word “amor,” which means love. It is a plural form of the word “amorino,” which refers to a small winged cupid or cherub in art, especially in the Baroque period. Amorinos are often depicted as chubby, naked boys with wings, carrying bows and arrows, and shooting love darts at unsuspecting victims.


The origin of amorinos can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, where Cupid, the god of love, was often depicted as a winged boy with a bow and arrow. The concept of the cherubic angel was later adopted by artists during the Baroque period, where it became a popular motif in art and literature.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, amorinos is defined as “a small winged cupid or cherub in art.” In the Oxford English Dictionary, it is defined as “a representation of a small, chubby, winged boy, especially in painting or sculpture, typically depicted as a symbol of love.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines amorinos as “a small angel or cherub in art.”


Amorinos are often associated with love, romance, and passion. They are also associated with the arts, particularly in Baroque art and literature, where they were a popular motif. In modern culture, amorinos are often used as decorative elements in weddings and other romantic events.


Synonyms for amorinos include cherubs, cupids, and angels.


Antonyms for amorinos would be any word that is not related to love, romance, or cherubic angels.

The same root words

The root word of amorinos is amor, which means love in Latin. Other words that share the same root include amorous, enamored, and paramour.

Example Sentences

  1. The ceiling of the chapel was adorned with beautiful frescoes of amorinos.
  2. The Valentine’s Day card featured a cute little amorino holding a heart-shaped balloon.
  3. The statue of the cherubic amorino was the centerpiece of the garden.
  4. The painting depicted a group of amorinos frolicking in a garden of flowers.
  5. The love-struck couple gazed up at the ceiling, where a flock of amorinos were painted in flight.
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