Ambush marketer – Definition & Meaning

In the world of marketing, there are various strategies that companies use to promote their products or services. One such strategy is known as ambush marketing, which is often used by companies to gain attention or recognition without actually sponsoring an event or activity. In this article, we will delve deeper into the definition and meaning of ambush marketing.


Ambush marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company tries to associate itself with a particular event or activity without actually being an official sponsor. This is done to gain attention or recognition for the company’s brand, products, or services.
According to the International Olympic Committee, ambush marketing is “an attempt by a third party to create unauthorized association with the Olympic Games or the Olympic Movement, in contravention of the rights of the official sponsors and without their consent.”


The term “ambush marketing” was first coined in the 1980s, during the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. At that time, companies started using various tactics to promote their products or services without actually being official sponsors of the event. This led to the creation of rules and regulations to prevent such practices.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ambush marketing is “the practice of promoting a product or service by using advertising or other techniques that imply a connection to a major event without the permission of the event’s organizers or official sponsors.”
The Oxford English Dictionary defines ambush marketing as “the practice of promoting a product or service through association with a particular event, without having paid to be an official sponsor of that event.”


Ambush marketing is often associated with major events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, or the Super Bowl. It is also associated with companies that are not official sponsors of these events but still want to gain exposure and recognition.


Some synonyms of ambush marketing include guerilla marketing, parasitic marketing, and coat-tail marketing.


There are no direct antonyms of ambush marketing, but some opposite strategies include official sponsorship, traditional advertising, and public relations.

The same root words

The root words of ambush marketing are “ambush” and “marketing.” Ambush refers to a surprise attack, while marketing refers to the process of promoting and selling products or services.

Example Sentences

  1. Nike used ambush marketing tactics during the 2012 Olympic Games to gain exposure for its brand without being an official sponsor.
  2. The International Olympic Committee has strict rules and regulations to prevent ambush marketing during the Olympic Games.
  3. Coca-Cola paid millions of dollars to be an official sponsor of the World Cup, while Pepsi used ambush marketing tactics to gain exposure without paying for sponsorship.
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