Ambulations – Definition & Meaning

Ambulations may not be a commonly used term in everyday language, but it is still an important word with a specific meaning. Understanding the definition and meaning of ambulations can help us better understand its use and significance in different contexts.


Ambulations refer to the act of walking or moving around, especially for exercise or recovery purposes. It is a medical term used to describe the ability to walk, and it is often used in the context of rehabilitation or physical therapy.


The word ambulation comes from the Latin word “ambulare,” which means “to walk.” The term has been used in the medical field for centuries, and it has become a standard term used in physical therapy and rehabilitation programs.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ambulation is defined as “the act of walking or moving about.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the act of walking, especially for exercise or medical treatment.”


Ambulations are often associated with rehabilitation and physical therapy. It is also used in the context of exercise and fitness, as walking is a common form of physical activity. Additionally, ambulations may be associated with mobility and independence, as the ability to walk is essential for daily living.


Some synonyms for ambulations include walking, strolling, hiking, sauntering, and trekking.


Some antonyms for ambulations include sitting, standing, lying down, and being immobile.

The same root words

The root word of ambulations is “ambulare,” which means “to walk.” Other words that share this root include ambulance, ambulatory, and perambulate.

Example Sentences

  • The patient’s ambulation improved after completing physical therapy.
  • Walking is a great form of ambulation for improving cardiovascular health.
  • The doctor recommended ambulation as part of the patient’s recovery plan.
  • The hiker enjoyed the beautiful scenery during his ambulations in the mountains.
  • The elderly woman’s ambulation was limited due to her arthritis.
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