Alinement – Definition & Meaning

Alinement is a term that is often used in various contexts, but not everyone knows its exact meaning. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of alinement, its origins, and its associations. We will also look at its synonyms and antonyms, and provide some example sentences to help you understand how it is used in everyday language.


Alinement is a noun that refers to the act of aligning or the state of being aligned. It can also refer to the arrangement of something in a straight line, such as the alignment of buildings along a street. In construction, alinement refers to the correct positioning of a building or structure in relation to other buildings or structures.


The word alinement comes from the French word “aligner,” which means to align or arrange in a straight line. It was first used in English in the early 19th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, alinement means “the act of aligning or state of being aligned.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the arrangement of objects in a straight line or in correct relative positions.”


Alinement is often associated with construction and architecture, where it is used to describe the correct positioning of buildings and structures. It is also used in the context of road construction and maintenance, where it refers to the alignment of roads and highways.


Some synonyms for alinement include alignment, arrangement, positioning, and placement.


Antonyms for alinement include misalignment, disarrangement, and disorder.

The same root words

Words that share the same root as alinement include align, aligner, and alignment.

Example Sentences

  • The alinement of the new building was crucial to ensure that it didn’t obstruct the view of the neighboring buildings.
  • The road crew worked tirelessly to ensure the alinement of the new highway was perfect.
  • The architect spent hours perfecting the alinement of the columns in the grand entrance hall.
  • The alinement of the shelves in the store was important to ensure that the products were displayed correctly.
  • The surveyor used a laser level to ensure the alinement of the fence posts.
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