Air sac – Definition & Meaning

Air sac is a term used in biology to describe a structure that is present in some animals, including birds and reptiles. These sacs are an important part of the respiratory system of these animals and play a crucial role in their survival. In this article, we will explore the definition, meaning, and associations of air sacs.


An air sac is a thin-walled sac that is filled with air and is found in the respiratory system of some animals. These sacs are connected to the lungs and help to increase the efficiency of breathing.


The term air sac comes from the Latin word “saccus,” which means a bag or a pouch. The word “air” refers to the fact that these sacs are filled with air.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of air sac in different dictionaries is quite similar. The Oxford English Dictionary defines air sac as “a thin-walled sac in the respiratory system of birds and some reptiles, serving to increase the efficiency of breathing.”


Air sacs are associated with the respiratory system of birds and reptiles. They are also associated with the process of breathing and the exchange of gases in the body.


Some synonyms of air sac include:

  • Lung.
  • Alveolus.
  • Respiratory sac.
  • Pneumatic sac.


There are no direct antonyms of air sac, as it is a specific term that describes a particular structure in the body.

The same root words

There are no other words that share the same root words as air sac.

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences that use the term air sac:

  • The bird’s air sacs help it to breathe more efficiently at high altitudes.
  • Reptiles have a unique respiratory system that includes air sacs.
  • The scientist studied the structure and function of the air sacs in the lizard’s lungs.
  • The veterinarian examined the bird’s air sacs to determine if it was experiencing any respiratory problems.
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