Air pressure – Definition & Meaning

Air pressure is a term that is commonly used in physics, meteorology, and other scientific fields. It refers to the force exerted by the weight of the atmosphere on a given surface. Air pressure is a crucial component of weather patterns and plays a significant role in the functioning of many machines and devices.


Air pressure can be defined as the force exerted by the atmosphere on a surface. It is measured in units of pressure, such as pounds per square inch (psi) or pascals (Pa). Air pressure is caused by the weight of the atmosphere, which is composed of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.


The concept of air pressure has been known for centuries, but it was not until the 17th century that scientists began to understand its properties and effects. The Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli is credited with inventing the barometer, a device that measures air pressure. This invention allowed scientists to study the properties of air pressure in greater detail.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of air pressure is consistent across different dictionaries. It is defined as the force exerted by the atmosphere on a surface. Some dictionaries also include the definition of air pressure as the pressure of the air within a closed container or system.


Air pressure is associated with a variety of phenomena, including weather patterns, atmospheric conditions, and the functioning of machines and devices. In meteorology, air pressure is used to predict weather patterns and to study the movement of air masses. In physics, air pressure is used to calculate the force exerted by gases on a surface.


Some synonyms for air pressure include atmospheric pressure, barometric pressure, and pressure of the air.


There are no direct antonyms for air pressure, but some related terms include low pressure and high pressure. These terms are used to describe different atmospheric conditions and weather patterns.

The same root words

Some related terms that share the same root words as air pressure include air density, air temperature, and air quality. These terms are used to describe different properties of the atmosphere.

Example Sentences

  1. The air pressure inside the tire was too low, causing the car to handle poorly.
  2. The barometer indicated that the air pressure was dropping, which meant that a storm was approaching.
  3. The air pressure in the cabin of the airplane was adjusted to prevent discomfort for the passengers.
  4. The air pressure in the lungs is regulated by the respiratory system.
  5. The air pressure in the room was so high that it caused the windows to rattle.
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