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An air popper is a kitchen appliance that is used to pop popcorn. It is a device that uses hot air to pop the kernels instead of oil. Air poppers are a healthier alternative to traditional popcorn makers, as they do not require any oil to cook the popcorn. In this article, we will explore the definition, meaning, and origin of air poppers, as well as their associations, synonyms, and antonyms.


An air popper is a type of popcorn maker that uses hot air to pop the kernels. It is a small appliance that sits on a countertop and is powered by electricity. The air popper works by blowing hot air through the kernels, which causes them to pop and turn into fluffy popcorn.


The first air popper was invented in the 1970s by a company called Presto. The device was designed to be a healthier alternative to traditional popcorn makers, which used oil to cook the popcorn. The air popper quickly became popular, and today it is a common appliance in many households.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to Merriam-Webster, an air popper is “a device used to pop popcorn by blowing hot air through the kernels.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “a machine for popping corn, which uses hot air instead of oil.”


Air poppers are often associated with healthy eating and dieting. They are a popular appliance among people who are looking for a low-fat snack option. Air poppers are also associated with convenience, as they are easy to use and require minimal cleanup.


There are no direct synonyms for air popper, as it is a specific type of appliance. However, other terms that may be used to describe it include popcorn maker, hot air popper, and electric popcorn popper.


The antonym of air popper would be a traditional popcorn maker that uses oil to cook the kernels. These types of popcorn makers are often referred to as stovetop popcorn makers or popcorn machines.

The same root words

There are no root words associated with air popper, as it is a specific term that refers to a particular type of appliance.

Example Sentences

  • I love using my air popper to make healthy snacks for my family.
  • The air popper is so easy to use – just pour in the kernels and turn it on!.
  • I prefer using an air popper to a traditional popcorn maker because it’s healthier.
  • The air popper is a great appliance for people who are watching their weight.
  • I bought an air popper for my dorm room so I could have a quick and easy snack while studying.
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