Air drainage – Definition & Meaning

Air drainage is a term that is used to describe the process by which air moves from one location to another. This can occur naturally or artificially, and is often used in the context of environmental engineering and hydrology.


Air drainage refers to the movement of air from a higher elevation to a lower elevation. This can occur naturally, such as when cold air sinks down a mountain slope, or artificially, such as when air is forced through a ventilation system.


The origin of the term air drainage is not clear, but it likely stems from the combination of the words “air” and “drainage.” The term has been used in various scientific and engineering contexts for many years.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, air drainage is defined as “the movement of air from a higher to a lower elevation.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the flow of air downhill due to gravity.”


Air drainage is often associated with environmental engineering and hydrology, as it can play an important role in the movement of pollutants and other substances through the air. It is also important in agriculture, as it can affect the temperature and moisture levels in crops.


Synonyms of air drainage include air flow, air movement, and air circulation.


Antonyms of air drainage include air stagnation and air blockage.

The same root words

The root words in air drainage are “air” and “drainage.” These words are also found in other terms related to air movement and water flow, such as air flow and water drainage.

Example Sentences

  • The air drainage system in the building was designed to ensure that fresh air was circulated throughout the building.
  • The cold air drainage from the mountains caused the temperature to drop rapidly in the valley.
  • The air drainage in the greenhouse was carefully controlled to ensure that the plants received the right amount of moisture and nutrients.
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