Aggressivity – Definition & Meaning

Aggressivity is a term used to describe a behavior or attitude that is characterized by aggression, hostility, or a tendency to attack or confront others. It is a complex concept that is often associated with negative emotions and actions.


Aggressivity is defined as the tendency to be aggressive, hostile, or confrontational. It is a personality trait that is often associated with anger and violence. It can also refer to the intensity of an individual’s aggressive behavior.


The term aggressivity is derived from the Latin word “aggressus,” which means “to attack.” It was first used in the English language in the 17th century to describe a person’s tendency to be aggressive or hostile.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, aggressivity is defined as “the quality or state of being aggressive.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the quality or state of being aggressive or hostile.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the tendency to be aggressive or confrontational.”


Aggressivity is often associated with negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and hostility. It is also associated with violent behavior, bullying, and intimidation. In some cases, aggressivity can be a symptom of mental health disorders such as borderline personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder.


Synonyms of aggressivity include aggressiveness, hostility, belligerence, combativeness, and pugnacity.


Antonyms of aggressivity include passivity, peacefulness, calmness, gentleness, and non-aggression.

The same root words

The same root words as aggressivity include aggression, aggressive, and aggressor.

Example Sentences

  • His aggressivity was evident in the way he spoke to his colleagues.
  • The team’s aggressivity on the field was impressive, but it led to several fouls.
  • The therapist worked with the patient to address his aggressivity towards others.
  • The company’s aggressivity in the market led to increased profits but also to criticism from competitors.
  • The coach emphasized the importance of channeling aggressivity in a positive way during the game.
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