Aedicular – Definition & Meaning

The word “aedicular” may not be a common term in everyday conversation, but it is a word that has a specific meaning and purpose. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of “aedicular,” its origin, and how it is used in different contexts.


“Aedicular” is an adjective that describes something that pertains to or resembles a small temple or shrine. It can also refer to something that is designed or constructed in the style of a small temple or shrine.


The word “aedicular” has its roots in the Latin word “aedicula,” which means a small shrine or temple. The word was first used in English in the mid-17th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “aedicular” means “of, relating to, or resembling a small shrine or temple.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “pertaining to a shrine or temple; having the character or appearance of a small temple or shrine.”


The term “aedicular” is often associated with architecture, particularly with the design of small shrines or temples. It can also be used to describe decorative elements that resemble small temples or shrines, such as columns or pediments.


Some synonyms for “aedicular” include temple-like, shrine-like, and sanctum-like.


There are no specific antonyms for “aedicular,” but some words that are opposite in meaning include modern, contemporary, and minimalist.

The same root words

The root word of “aedicular” is “aedicula,” which is a Latin word that means a small shrine or temple. Other words that have the same root include “aedile,” which refers to a Roman magistrate responsible for public buildings and festivals, and “aedifice,” which means a building or structure.

Example Sentences

  • The aedicular design of the building’s façade was inspired by ancient Greek temples.
  • The small shrine in the garden had an aedicular structure with columns and a pediment.
  • The architect incorporated aedicular elements into the design of the building to create a sense of grandeur and elegance.
  • The museum’s collection included several aedicular artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  • The decorative columns on the front porch had an aedicular design that added a touch of sophistication to the house.
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