Adverbializes – Definition & Meaning

Adverbializes is a term that is commonly used in the English language, but not many people are familiar with its meaning and usage. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the definition and meaning of adverbializes.


Adverbializes is a verb that means to turn a word or phrase into an adverb. It is the process of converting a word that functions as a noun, verb, or adjective into an adverb. Adverbialization is the noun form of adverbializes.


The word adverbializes is derived from the word adverbial, which means “relating to or functioning as an adverb.” The suffix “-ize” is added to the word to indicate the process of making something into an adverb.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, adverbializes means “to convert into an adverb.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “to make into an adverb or add an adverbial function to a word or phrase.”


Adverbializes is associated with the study of grammar and syntax. It is a process that is used to modify the meaning of a sentence and make it more precise.


The synonyms of adverbializes include adverbialize, adverbialization, adverbial function, and adverbial phrase.


There are no specific antonyms of adverbializes, but the opposite of adverbialization is the process of nominalization, which involves turning a verb or adjective into a noun.

The same root words

The same root words as adverbializes include adverb, adverbial, and adverbialization.

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences that demonstrate the use of adverbializes:

  1. She adverbializes the verb “run” by adding the adverb “quickly.”
  2. The noun “happy” can be adverbialized by adding the suffix “-ly” to become “happily.”
  3. The adverbialization of the phrase “in the morning” turns it into an adverb that modifies the verb “wake up.”
  4. Adverbializes can be used to add clarity and precision to a sentence.
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