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Words are the building blocks of language, and their meanings can vary depending on context and usage. One such word that may not be as commonly used in modern language is “adown.” In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, and associations of adown, as well as its synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences.


Adown is an adverb that means “downward” or “toward a lower place or position.” It is typically used in poetic or archaic language and can be used to describe a physical movement or a metaphorical one. For example, “The rain fell adown from the sky” or “He felt his spirits sink adown into despair.”


The word adown comes from Old English, where it was originally written as “ofdune.” Over time, it evolved into “adoun” and eventually “adown.” Its roots are in the Germanic language family, and it shares similarities with the Dutch word “af” and the German word “ab,” both of which mean “down” or “off.”

Meaning in different dictionaries

Adown is not a commonly used word in modern language, so it may not be included in all dictionaries. However, some definitions can be found in various sources. The Oxford English Dictionary defines adown as “downward, downwards; to or towards a lower place or position.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “downward, down,” and describes it as “downward; down.”


Adown is often associated with poetic or archaic language, as it is not commonly used in everyday speech. It can also be associated with a sense of movement or change, as it implies a downward motion or a shift in position or perspective.


Some synonyms for adown include downward, descending, falling, dropping, and lowering. These words all convey a sense of movement or change from a higher position to a lower one.


Antonyms for adown include upward, ascending, rising, and lifting. These words convey a sense of movement or change from a lower position to a higher one.

The same root words

Adown shares its roots with other words in the English language, including “down,” “dune,” and “drown.” These words all convey a sense of movement or change from a higher position to a lower one, or a sense of being submerged or overwhelmed.

Example Sentences

  1. The leaves fell adown from the trees, rustling softly as they landed on the ground.
  2. She watched as the sun sank adown below the horizon, painting the sky with shades of pink and orange.
  3. He felt his heart sink adown into his chest as he heard the news.
  4. The bird swooped adown from the sky, snatching up a worm in its beak.
  5. The river flowed adown the mountain, carving a path through the rocks and soil.
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