Admeasurement – Definition & Meaning

Admeasurement is a term that is often used in various fields, including engineering, surveying, and construction. It refers to the process of measuring or determining the size, quantity, or extent of something. This article will explore the definition and meaning of admeasurement, as well as its origins, associations, synonyms, and antonyms.


Admeasurement is defined as the act of measuring or determining the size or quantity of something. It can also refer to the process of dividing or apportioning something, such as land or property. In legal terms, admeasurement can refer to the determination of the value or extent of damages or compensation.


The word admeasurement comes from the Old French word “admesurer,” which means to measure. It was first used in the English language in the 15th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, admeasurement is defined as “the act of measuring or determining the size, quantity, or extent of something.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “the act of measuring or determining the size, extent, or quantity of something.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the act of measuring the size, amount, or degree of something.”.


Admeasurement is often associated with surveying, engineering, and construction. It is also commonly used in legal contexts, such as determining the value of damages or compensation.


Some synonyms of admeasurement include measurement, quantification, calculation, assessment, and evaluation.


Antonyms of admeasurement include estimation, guesswork, approximation, and conjecture.

The same root words

The same root words as admeasurement include measure, measurement, and measureless.

Example Sentences

  1. The admeasurement of the land was necessary before construction could begin.
  2. The admeasurement of the damages was disputed by both parties.
  3. The engineer performed an admeasurement of the bridge to ensure its safety.
  4. The surveyor used precise instruments for the admeasurement of the property.
  5. The court ordered an admeasurement of the compensation to be paid to the plaintiff.
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