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Adios is a Spanish word that is commonly used as a farewell or goodbye. It is a simple yet powerful word that has found its way into many languages and cultures around the world. In this article, we will explore the meaning, origin, and associations of adios.


Adios is a Spanish word that means “goodbye” or “farewell.” It is a formal way of saying goodbye, and it is often used to indicate that the speaker is leaving for a long time or may not see the other person again.


The word adios comes from the Spanish phrase “a Dios,” which means “to God.” The phrase was originally used as a way of saying goodbye with the hope that the person leaving would be protected by God on their journey. Over time, the phrase was shortened to adios, which is now the commonly used term for goodbye in Spanish.

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, adios is defined as “farewell.” The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “goodbye,” and the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “an expression of farewell.”


Adios is often associated with Latin American culture, where it is commonly used as a farewell greeting. It is also associated with the Spanish language and is widely used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. In popular culture, adios has been used in movies, songs, and literature as a way of conveying a sense of finality or departure.


There are many synonyms for adios, including goodbye, farewell, adieu, au revoir, and auf Wiedersehen. Each of these words has its own unique connotations and associations, but they all share the common meaning of saying goodbye.


The antonyms of adios are greetings or salutations, such as hello, hi, or good morning. These words are used to initiate a conversation or interaction, whereas adios is used to bring it to a close.

The same root words

The root word of adios is Dios, which means God in Spanish. Other words that share this root include diosito (little God), dios mío (my God), and dios te bendiga (God bless you).

Example Sentences

  1. “Adios, my friend. I hope to see you again soon.”
  2. “She waved adios to her family as she boarded the plane.”
  3. “It was time to say adios to the old way of doing things and embrace the new.”
  4. “Adios, amigos! It’s been a great night.”
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