Adhesin – Definition & Meaning

Adhesin is a term commonly used in the field of microbiology to describe a type of protein that is found on the surface of certain bacteria. These proteins play a crucial role in the ability of bacteria to attach themselves to host cells, which is a necessary step in the process of infection.


Adhesin can be defined as a protein that is found on the surface of certain bacteria and is responsible for their ability to attach to host cells. It is a crucial component of the process of infection for many types of bacteria.


The term adhesin is derived from the Latin word “adhaerere,” which means “to stick or adhere.” This is a fitting name for this type of protein, as its primary function is to allow bacteria to stick to host cells.

Meaning in different dictionaries

Adhesin is not a widely recognized term outside of the field of microbiology, so it is not commonly found in most dictionaries. However, it may be defined in specialized medical or scientific dictionaries.


Adhesin is closely associated with the process of bacterial infection. Without the ability to attach to host cells, many types of bacteria would be unable to cause disease.


There are several synonyms for adhesin, including attachment protein, bacterial adhesin, and surface adhesin.


As adhesin is a specific type of protein with a unique function, there are no true antonyms for the term.

The same root words

The root word for adhesin is “adhere,” which means to stick or cling to something. This root word is also found in other related terms, such as adhesive and adhesion.

Example Sentences

  1. The adhesin protein on the surface of the bacteria allowed it to attach to the host cell and cause infection.
  2. Scientists are studying the structure of adhesin in order to develop new treatments for bacterial infections.
  3. The adhesin protein was found to be essential for the ability of the bacteria to colonize the gut.
  4. The development of a vaccine against adhesin could prevent many types of bacterial infections.
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