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Addible is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language, but it has a clear meaning that can be easily understood. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of addible, its origin, synonyms, antonyms, and associations.


Addible is an adjective that means capable of being added or joined to something else. It is used to describe something that can be combined with another thing to create a new whole. For example, sugar is addible to coffee, and flour is addible to dough.


The word addible comes from the Latin word ‘addibilis,’ which means ‘that can be added.’ The word was first used in English in the mid-16th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, addible means ‘capable of being added or joined to something else.’ Merriam-Webster defines it as ‘capable of being added or joined to something else in order to increase its size, quantity, or importance.’.


Addible is often associated with food and cooking, as it is used to describe ingredients that can be added to a recipe. It can also be used in a more general sense to describe anything that can be combined with something else to create a new whole.


Some synonyms for addible include:

  • Admixable.
  • Mixable.
  • Combining.
  • Joinable.
  • Attachable.


Some antonyms for addible include:

  • Incompatible.
  • Unmixable.
  • Unjoinable.
  • Irreconcilable.
  • Unattachable.

The same root words

The word addible shares the same root word as the verb add, which means to combine two or more things to make a larger whole. It also shares the same root word as the noun addition, which refers to something that has been added to something else.

Example Sentences

  • The recipe calls for addible ingredients such as flour and sugar.
  • The new wing of the hospital is addible to the existing building.
  • The company is looking for addible assets to increase its revenue.
  • The two chemicals are not addible and should not be mixed.
  • The puzzle pieces are addible to create a larger picture.
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