Act of sederunt – Definition & Meaning

The legal system is full of jargon and technical terms that can be difficult for non-lawyers to understand. One such term is “act of sederunt.” In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of act of sederunt, its origin, and its associations in legal circles.


An act of sederunt is a Scottish legal term that refers to a set of rules or regulations governing the practice and procedure of courts in Scotland. These rules are made by the Court of Session, which is the supreme civil court in Scotland, and are designed to ensure that the court operates efficiently and effectively.


The term act of sederunt derives from the Scottish Gaelic word “sederunt,” which means “sitting” or “session.” The Court of Session has been using acts of sederunt since the 16th century to regulate its proceedings.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The term act of sederunt is not commonly used outside of Scotland, and therefore is not found in many dictionaries. However, the Scottish Legal Dictionary defines it as “an order made by the Court of Session regulating the practice and procedure of the court.”


Act of sederunt is typically associated with the Scottish legal system and the Court of Session. It is used to describe the rules and regulations that govern court proceedings in Scotland, and is an important tool for ensuring that the court operates efficiently and effectively.


There are no direct synonyms for act of sederunt, as it is a specific legal term used only in Scotland. However, similar terms used in other legal systems might include “court rules” or “procedural guidelines.”


As with synonyms, there are no direct antonyms for act of sederunt. However, the opposite of following the rules and regulations set out in an act of sederunt would be to act in violation of those rules, which could result in sanctions or penalties.

The same root words

The term act of sederunt is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word “sederunt,” which means “sitting” or “session.” This same root word is also used in other legal terms, such as “sederunt book,” which is a record of the proceedings of a court sitting.

Example Sentences

  • The Court of Session recently issued a new act of sederunt to streamline its procedures and reduce delays.
  • It is important to follow the rules set out in the act of sederunt to ensure that court proceedings are fair and efficient.
  • The act of sederunt provides guidance on everything from filing deadlines to courtroom decorum.
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