Acknowledge – Definition & Meaning

Acknowledgment is an essential part of communication. It is a way to show appreciation or recognition of someone’s efforts or achievements. Acknowledge is a verb that is used to express gratitude, recognition, or acceptance. In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, meaning, associations, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of acknowledge.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, acknowledge means “to recognize the rights, authority, or status of” or “to express gratitude or appreciation for or to”. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “to admit the existence or reality of something” or “to recognize the importance or quality of something or someone”.


The word acknowledge comes from the Old English word “oncnawan”, which means “to know”. It was first used in the 15th century in Middle English, and its meaning has evolved over time.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of acknowledge varies slightly in different dictionaries. For example, the Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as “to accept, admit, or recognize something, or the truth or existence of something”. The Collins English Dictionary defines it as “to show that you have noticed someone or something by smiling, waving, or saying hello”.


Acknowledgment is often associated with gratitude, recognition, and appreciation. It can also be associated with admitting or accepting something, such as a mistake or fault.


There are many synonyms for acknowledge, including recognize, admit, accept, appreciate, thank, greet, and salute.


Antonyms of acknowledge include ignore, deny, reject, disavow, and repudiate.

The same root words

The word acknowledge shares the same root word with other words, such as knowledge, knowing, and acknowledgement.

Example Sentences

  1. She acknowledged his hard work and dedication to the project.
  2. He refused to acknowledge his mistake and blamed others for the problem.
  3. The company sent a letter to acknowledge receipt of the payment.
  4. She waved to acknowledge her friend across the room.
  5. The teacher asked the students to acknowledge the contributions of their classmates during the group project.
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