Achilles” heel – Definition & Meaning

The term “Achilles’ heel” is a well-known phrase that has been used in various contexts over the years. It is a metaphorical expression that refers to a person’s weakness or vulnerable point. In this article, we will explore the definition, origin, and meaning of Achilles’ heel, as well as its associations, synonyms, and antonyms.


Achilles’ heel is defined as a weakness or vulnerable spot in a person’s character, personality, or physical body. It is a metaphorical reference to the legendary Greek hero Achilles, who was invulnerable except for his heel. According to mythology, Achilles’ mother dipped him in the River Styx to make him invincible, but she held him by his heel, which remained vulnerable.


The origin of the term Achilles’ heel can be traced back to Greek mythology. According to legend, Achilles was a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War. He was invulnerable except for his heel, which was his only weak spot. During the war, he was struck by an arrow in his heel, and he died as a result.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of Achilles’ heel is consistent across various dictionaries. It is defined as a person’s weakness, vulnerability, or soft spot. It is a metaphorical expression that is used to describe a person’s weak point or area of susceptibility.


Achilles’ heel is associated with vulnerability, weakness, and susceptibility. It is often used to describe a person’s weak point or area of weakness. It is also associated with Greek mythology and the story of Achilles.


There are several synonyms for Achilles’ heel, including weak point, vulnerability, soft spot, susceptibility, and flaw. These words are often used interchangeably with Achilles’ heel to describe a person’s weak point or area of vulnerability.


The antonyms of Achilles’ heel are strength, resilience, invincibility, and durability. These words are used to describe a person’s strong point or area of strength.

The same root words

The same root words as Achilles’ heel are Achilles and heel. Achilles is a Greek hero, and the heel is the part of the foot that is vulnerable.

Example Sentences

  1. John’s lack of confidence is his Achilles’ heel.
  2. Mary’s stubbornness is her Achilles’ heel.
  3. The company’s reliance on one product is its Achilles’ heel.
  4. The politician’s past scandals are his Achilles’ heel.
  5. The team’s weak defense is its Achilles’ heel.
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