Accompanying – Definition & Meaning

Accompanying is a word that we often hear in our daily lives, but do we know what it really means? Accompanying can be used in various contexts, from music to travel, and it is important to understand its definition and meaning.


Accompanying is defined as being present or occurring at the same time as something else. It refers to something that goes along with or accompanies something else. For example, if you are taking a trip, your luggage would be accompanying you on the journey.


The word accompanying has its roots in the Latin word “accompaniare,” which means “to go with.” The word was first used in the English language during the 15th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

The meaning of accompanying is consistent across various dictionaries. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, accompanying means “going along with.” Merriam-Webster defines it as “present or occurring with something else.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “going with someone or something.”


Accompanying is often associated with music, where it means playing music alongside a singer or musician. It can also be associated with travel, where it refers to something that goes along with a person on a journey.


Some synonyms of accompanying include:

  • Coexisting.
  • Concurrent.
  • Concomitant.
  • Attendant.
  • Related.


Some antonyms of accompanying include:

  • Separated.
  • Detached.
  • Unrelated.
  • Independent.

The same root words

Some words that have the same root as accompanying include:

  • Accompaniment.
  • Accompanied.

Example Sentences

  • The singer was accompanied by a pianist during her performance.
  • The luggage was accompanying the traveler on his trip.
  • The storm was accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain.
  • The book was accompanied by a CD of the author reading the story.
  • The teacher was accompanied by her students on the field trip.
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