Abstricted – Definition & Meaning

Abstricted is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language, but it can be found in certain contexts. It has a specific meaning that is important to understand, especially for those who encounter it in their reading or writing. This article will explore the definition and meaning of abstricted, as well as its origin, synonyms, antonyms, and associations.


Abstricted is an adjective that describes something that has been limited or restricted. It refers to something that has been made smaller or more confined than it was before. This could be a physical space, such as a room or area, or it could be an idea or concept that has been narrowed down to a specific meaning or interpretation.


The word abstricted comes from the Latin word abstrictus, which means “drawn off” or “withdrawn.” It was first used in English in the 17th century, and its meaning has remained relatively consistent since then.

Meaning in different dictionaries

Abstricted is not a very common word, so it may not be found in every dictionary. However, some dictionaries that do include it provide similar definitions. For example, Merriam-Webster defines abstricted as “limited or restricted,” while Oxford Languages defines it as “narrowed or confined.”


Abstricted is often associated with the idea of confinement or restriction. It can be used to describe a physical space that has been made smaller or more confined, or it can be used to describe an idea or concept that has been narrowed down to a specific meaning or interpretation.


Some synonyms of abstricted include limited, restricted, confined, constrained, and narrowed.


Some antonyms of abstricted include expanded, broadened, enlarged, and unrestricted.

The same root words

Some other words that have the same root as abstricted include abstruse, abstract, and abstinence. These words all come from the Latin word abstrahere, which means “to draw away.”

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences that use the word abstricted:

  • The abstricted space made it difficult for the workers to move around.
  • The artist abstricted her painting to a single color.
  • The politician’s speech was abstricted to a narrow range of topics.
  • The abstricted budget meant that we couldn’t afford to hire any new employees.
  • The abstricted interpretation of the law was challenged by several legal scholars.
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